The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

Rysa Little

Rysa Little. (c) SFLPS.

The uninhabited island of Rysa Little lies just off the island of Hoy. It is a little over 32 hectares and is around 20 metres (66 feet) above sea level.

During World War II it was manned with anti-aircraft guns responsible for shooting down an Junkers Ju 88 on 17 October 1939. The aircraft had just attacked the HMS Iron Duke, which was at anchor in the Flow. The plane crashed in flames, killing three of the crew. A fourth was injured. This was the first German plane to come down on British soil during the war.

To the east side of the island lies the V83, a destroyer which was part of the German fleet scuttled after World War I. It was salvaged by Cox & Danks and used in the many attempts to raise the Hindenberg. When the company was finally successful, the V83 was dumped in her present condition. She now lies on a shelved bottom with her bows in just five to eight metres of water, making her a popular site for divers looking for a shallow dive.