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Eupham Rosie

 In 1648 Eupham Rosie was charged with witchcraft on the island of Stroma.

Ten years later a kirk session at Burwick, South Ronaldsay directed that she be "appointed to goe out of the Isle".

Later in the month (July), the session recorded: "Effie Rosie flitting frome Stroma to Orkney was sent back to get thir testificat, but sche being before theis tyme slandered with witchcraft be Wm. Rosie. She, being called, comperied [appeared] and being accuised, confessed that hir daughter-in-law said that sche was so weil learned that sche culd make his stoup [wooden pail] goe and milk the cow".

Another daughter-in-law testified that Effie had prayed that her father should become a hood to his head. When her father went to sea, he was lost.