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A monster at Deepdale, Holm

A monster at Deepdale, Holm

In 1942 a strange creature was washed up on the shore at Deepdale.

The length of the creature was around 20 feet long and it was battle grey in colour. Its body resembled that of a seal with a neck around five feet long from the shoulder to the head. The head resembled that of a Shetland pony, but without the ears and it had two large flippers on the tail end, although none was seen at the head of the creature. The flippers had the appearance of a diver’s flippers, although they were much broader.

Picture of the `sea monster' from The Orkney Blast, 6 February 1942

Bill Hutchison, who saw this creature, said at the time: "I think that if Nessie ever comes ashore or is ever seen dead, or can be photographed, the body will be absolutely like what I would say the Deepdale monster’s outline would have been."

Line drawing of the `monster'

The creature is thought to closely resemble the Stronsay Beast, which was washed ashore in 1808.