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A monster at Outertown, Stromness

Henry Stout, who lived at Leagar, Outertown, visited the offices of The Orcadian on Tuesday 20 August 1936 and told how he and his son had been working in a hayfield when they noticed an object of considerable size less than a mile from the shore, moving at considerable speed.

As it got nearer to the shore, they spotted four sail-like fins. The ones in front they guessed were about five feet high and four feet long, with smaller fins visible along the rest of the body. These were situated at 10-foot intervals, making the creature very long indeed. Mr Stout thought it must have been at least 40 feet long.

They watched the creature for more than half-an-hour before it dived below the surface and disappeared.  

He finished his visit by saying: "I have lived at Leagar, Outertown, for 40 years, and am familiar with all the aspects of the sea in that area. I formerly engaged in cod fishing and am well acquainted with the habits of basking sharks, porpoises, flights of birds and whales.

"This object we watched was none of these."