The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

The ghost of Saltness

A house in the parish of Saltness, Hoy had the reputation of being haunted.

From time to time, a ghostly gentleman was seen by the tenants of the house. Although many saw him, no one had the courage to speak to him.

Now some years ago while the people were cutting peats in the Saltness district, they came upon the body of a pedlar. Pedlars often visited the islands to sell their wares and it is likely this travelling salesman had never been missed.

Bodies found in peat bogs are often in very good condition, due to the preservation quality of the peat, and this was the case here.

His clothes were intact and, on searching the pockets, they were found to be empty, as was his pack. This suggested that the man had met his end after being robbed.

Since his body was discovered, there have been no more sightings of the spectre.