The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

Doug Muir (1937-2008)

Doug Muir was a gifted artist with a comprehensive knowledge of the history of art.

He moved to South Ronaldsay after he retired from teaching for many years at Hull University, where he was Senior Lecturer of Art.

Doug lived in two properties in South Ronaldsay, had studios at both locations and produced numerous paintings that were exhibited in many galleries, including in Orkney: The Pier Arts Centre, The Loft Gallery, The Orkney Gallery and the Waterfront Gallery.

Doug was instrumental in establishing The Loft Gallery in Saint Margaret’s Hope in 2001.

Doug moved from South Ronaldsay to Sanday and, while there, his watercolour and oil abstracts of sky, sea and land seemed to become more colourful, atmospheric and inspired.

© Sharyn Crossley