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Sir John Spencer Login (1809-1863)

Sir John Login was the son of John Login, shipping and whaling agent in Stromness.

On John Senior's death his widow Margaret ran his whaling and shipping interests and Login's Inn, resort of ships' officers and passengers in the early 19th Century. Login's Well provided fresh water for visiting ships.

Login's Well, Stromness

John Junior and his brother both attended Edinburgh University where William studied for the ministry and John studied medicine.

After a short period as naval surgeon Dr Login joined the East Indian Company in 1832, providing medical services to the Bengal Horse Artillery during the Afghan War.

In 1838 Duleep Singh was born and was proclaimed Maharajah in 1843. Dr Login was appointed as his tutor.

In 1851 it was arranged that Duleep should present Queen Victoria with the Koh-i-Noor diamond. This was a famous Indian diamond dating back to the 14th Century and it was later incorporated into the Crown Jewels.

When the Punjab was annexed by Britain, Login was appointed guardian of the deposed child maharaja Duleep Singh, with whom he remained a life-long friend.

Login and his wife Lena accompanied the young maharajah and were guests of Queen Victoria. She conferred a knighthood on Dr Login in 1854.

He died on 18 October 1863 at Felixstowe. A monument was erected in his memory “by his affectionate friend and ward, the Maharajah Duleep Singh, in grateful remembrance of the tender care and solicitude with which Sir John Login watched over his early years”.