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Robert Heddle Robertson (1872-1962)

Robert Heddle Robertson
Photographer Robert Heddle Robertson was born at Grutha, South Ronaldsay in 1872 and moved to Stromness in the late 1890s.

Stromness was a bustling port at that time, due to the herring fishing industry, and Robert opened two grocery shops, one in Alfred Street and the other in Victoria Street.

His photography was carried out mostly as an enthusiastic amateur, though he did sell postcards and photographic equipment in his shops.

He lived and worked in Stromness for 14 years, continuing to photograph events around Stromness and the West Mainland.

However, in that time, the herring industry had gradually declined and eventually Robert and his family left Stromness, taking up an appointment as manager of the Co-operative store in Pierowall, on the island of Westray.

He continued to take photographs after moving to Westray and the island is fortunate to have such an excellent photographic record of the life and people of that time.

RH Robertson continued to take photographs for many years, living to the grand age of 90. He died in 1962.

The Orkney Library & Archive's Photographic Archive has more than 2,500 of his original glass plate negatives in its collection.