The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

Monkerhoose Green, Stromness

Site of the Monkerhoose Green. (c) SFLPSToday, there is nothing to be seen of the monastery which is thought to have existed along the shore at Warbeth. Monkerhouse Green is mentioned in the Ordnance Survey Name Book as a green mound.  The area containing this mound was included when the cemetery was extended. Drystone walling and heaps of midden have been found here by gravediggers and so far these finds suggest that this was a domestic site and there is no evidence of it being monastic.

The tradition survives in its name although support for this being a religious site is aided by the 1889 discovery of a small piece of bronze mounting.  The Celtic pattern is inlaid in gold and shows birds taking hold of themselves by the wing. A few years earlier a portion of a Celtic pennanular brooch was found near by.