The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme


Lamb Holm


Lamb Holm will forever be associated with Camp 60, the WWII Prisoner of War camp built to accommodate the Italian soldiers building the Churchill Barriers. Little remains of the camp now, except a few lumps of concrete, a statue of St George, and the extraordinary Italian Chapel.
A coast battery was installed on the south-east of the island in 1941, armed eventually with two 12-pounder Quick Firing guns. With the completion of Barrier No 2 in 1943 the battery was placed into Care and Maintenance. The Battery Observation Post, engine room and searchlight emplacements are all still visible.
An abandoned quarry, which provided stone for the barrier construction, is now home to a lobster hatchery, and much of the rest of the small island is taken up with a privately-owned airstrip. 
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