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Memorial plaque to Opal and Narborough, South Ronaldsay

Here at Windwick, a memorial plaque commemorates two British M class destroyers, sister ships HMS Opal and HMS Narborough. On 12 January 1918 the two ships ran ashore together at full speed during gales and snowstorms. They lost 95 and 93 men respectively, and only one man survived, Able Seaman William Sissons from HMS Opal. Two days later the wrecks were found off the Clett of Crura.
The commemorative plaque was unveiled by the Lord Lieutenant of Orkney in 1993 and reads: In memory of the 188 men who perished here when HMS NARBOROUGH and HMS OPAL were lost on the rocks of Hesta during the snowstorm of 12 Jan. 1918.
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