The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme


Scapa Flow Visitor Centre, Lyness, Hoy

Scapa Flow Visitor Centre, part of Orkney Islands Council Museum Service, is housed in what was once the British naval base at Lyness. The museum contains a series of interpretative displays telling the story of Orkney during two World Wars, artefacts from HMS Royal Oak and HMS Hampshire, and a significant collection of photographs. The centre also includes a massive oil tank (where a film about Scapa Flow is shown), a Romney hut (containing the famous Otterbank, believed to be the world's first floating bank) and a fascinating collection of searchlights, guns and military vehicles.

Many of the displays are contained in the old pumphouse. Built in 1917, it originally had just four oil storage tanks, most of the British fleet being coal-fired. The pumphouse was modernised in 1936, when the boilers were converted from coal to diesel and a further 12 oil tanks were constructed.  The naval base closed in 1957, but the site remained in use as an Admiralty Fuel Oil Depot until the 1970s.


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