The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

Making ploughs

 Making miniature ploughs

 working on the ploughs

An evening class which ran over 10 weeks taught people of all ages how to make miniature ploughs. The South Ronaldsay Boys’ Ploughing Match committee was funded by the Scheme to promote the making of miniature ploughs, which were traditionally used in the annual Boys’ Ploughing Match. The course tutor, Stanley Seator, showed 14 people how to make ploughs using traditional methods, designs and techniques.

Individuals and families attended and it was lovely to see fathers and grandfathers getting involved and in showing a new generation how to make the ploughs. One man has a 100-year-old-plough at home, which was made by his great-grandfather and he enjoyed having the opportunity to make his own, therefore keeping up the tradition.

The ploughs took shape remarkably quickly and it’s hoped they will be used at the annual ploughing match, which takes place every August at the Sands of Wright.