The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

Setting up this web site

 You are reading the final product of our website project – one of the most challenging but interesting of all that we’ve done.

 When the team started for our three-year term back in July 2009, one of the first things we wanted to establish was a website. We knew it would take a lot of time to reach our aspiration of something which went some way to fully documenting and promoting the rich and varied heritage of the Scapa Flow area, so we agreed we needed a small workable site which would enable us to communicate about the scheme, the projects events and latest news.

The Orkney Communities websites offered us the solution. Quick to set up, cheap to run and easy to use. Very quickly we had arranged to get training from Steven Heddle, who runs Orkney Communities, and we spent the next few weeks uploading text and sourcing photos, going live in early autumn 2009.

 Sometimes I wondered if anyone would look at the site. I would just write about places we had seen, projects that were ongoing or things I found interesting. As time went on we realised that people were actually looking at our website! Often I got comments on it or would receive an email from someone who wanted to give us more information on a place we had been. It was great to see that people were keen to get in touch and contribute.

 While keeping our ‘baby’ going I had been busy gathering information and doing research into the website you see here. I contacted people who were experts in their field, asking if they would be happy to write a bit for us on the subjects they knew so well.

I have to say that everyone I spoke to was really great and more than happy to write for us. The enthusiasm they have for their subjects comes through in their writing and we are so grateful to them for their time and generosity with words and photographs.

Working on the website has been challenging at times. Finding a company to help build this website took much longer than we expected, problems with our server meant that uploading all the information took an absolute age to do and technical problems have driven us to distraction many many many times!!

However, it was very satisfying to finally see it come together. After months (or is it years) of frustration, hair pulling, scowling, sulking and the odd bit of bad language (!) we finally have our ‘big’ website. We really hope you find it easy to navigate and find the information interesting and informative.

Any errors are my own and please feel free to contact me and let me know what these are. I will change them without too much brow-furrowing! I hope you enjoy the site.