The Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Scapa Flow shoreline

The drama of the Orkney coastline must surely be one of the county's most beautiful and distinctive landscape features and the shores bordering the Flow are no exception.  

On the low lying areas of coast, sweeping sandy beaches are contrasted with rugged stretches of rocky coast and boulder beaches.  

The Sands of Wright, South Ronaldsay

Small areas of saltmarsh can be found in other places.  Here, areas of sediment have been colonised by salt tolerant plants including, thrift, scurvy grass and sea arrowgrass.


Saltmarsh at the Brig O Waithe

Dramatic geology can be found carved out of the sedimentary rocks all around Scapa Flow. Impressive flagstone cliffs dominate some areas whilst in other places there are sculpted red and yellow sandstone. Rock stacks and caves add to the drama.

A rock stack along the South Ronaldsay coast